Learning to Share Experiences With Others

I've mentioned many times how it became a privilege to have time on my own or to experience things by myself during the summer. It was a luxury which I've enjoyed my whole life, and now with the opportunity to see some of the most amazing things I ever have, I'd have to share them with those around me. Sometimes I'd even have to sacrifice my experiences for those of the guests. And while this was my job, that seemed like it would be the hardest part of it, and sometimes it was. Even with my photography, I viewed every photo with people or boats in it as essentially worthless, having become accustomed to serenity and peacefulness.

But eventually, I learned that sharing some experiences can make them even more amazing and unique, and that realization provided a fresh outlook to push towards the end of the summer. Not only do humans provide scale of the magnitude some things, but also a unique outlook and mindset when paired with new experiences. Alaska is such an unusual place or most. Glaciers in your backyard, whales breaching everywhere, and bear danger pretty much everywhere you go. It would be impossible for me to take these things for granted, but on a set course sailing, some events definitely became slightly calloused. But these are not normal challenges for the average American, and can be quite overwhelming at first.

Once I began this transformation, observing people's reactions to such things became as much of a powerful experience as the events themselves. It was hard, because my job was to provide interpretation and knowledge every step of the way, and I was always so excited to share. But eventually I learned to sit back and watch the reactions, and only interrupt the natural beauty around us when I needed to correct misconceptions or random incorrect facts people had picked up though the internet or the vast network of misinformation which exists now days.

So what's the point of this post? What am I trying to portray or give to you? I want you to try to step back from your life, as monotonous or as varied as it may be, and think about what someone else might enjoy from your day. There's challenges we all face, but every day also presents us with new opportunities and new ways to vary the things we're accustomed to. What might someone else enjoy or find interesting about your life? What opportunities would they take if they weren't tied down by anything else? I guarantee there's things that could make you happier if you just looked at them differently. Or experiences you might actually want to take even though you've been doubting them for a long time. Life is so complicated, we all get mixed up in it, and I hope this practice helps you enjoy yourself a little more, without making huge and difficult changes.

(Also, I'm SO proud of this last photo, getting that action in frame and with both people posing, I never thought it would happen!)

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