My Conquest for the 2-Way Picture

So this is going to be a short but hopefully funny one. Later in the season, I began to test the photography skills I'd been working on and, even though I was and am very much a novice, I sought new challenges. One that I'd tried early on, but hadn't been able to capture well was the upside-down photo. For some reason, I became hell-bent on getting these shots. The stillness of the waters of Southeast give me perfect conditions and I just have to find the right shot and hope everything sits still for a single moment.

There were a few places in which these conditions were particularly easy to find. Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay had many still ponds which sat completely calm on a sunny day and boasted beautiful old growth forest and waterfowl about. Hobart Bay was incredibly protected and with a backdrop of the beautiful mountain ranges on Admiralty Island, a two-way picture here would be incredible. But really almost anywhere in the surprisingly calm waters of the Archipelago could be a potential beauty shot.

I ended up catching a break that few could have expected and far less wanted, but the fires of 2019 truly lit up the landscapes. Coupled with ample clear nights, fire-red mountain silhouettes became the norm for about two months. After enough time, eventually even these gave way to some two-way picture attempts.

I don't know what it is about them. They're both centered and confusing. Even as the photographer, I can't tell which way is up, and that's a new and amazing thought to me. And alas, thought out the summer I was able to capture a few really memorable moments which captured the two-way photo. I hope you enjoy this brief gallery. Photos with both directions have been randomized, I'll let you decide which one is up!

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